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Who we are

Austlift is a well recognised wholesaler in the Lifting Industry. The Australian owned company has been running for over 20 years in Lifting and Rigging and has been dealing in Material Handling for almost 10 years. We offer Lifting and Rigging, Load Restraint and Height Safety products as well as the installation and service of Tailgates, Docks, Cranes and other Material handling equipment. Our network reaches across Australia and we have branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth reaching out to our chain of national distributers making Austlift one of the leaders in the lifting Industry.

Head Office Sydney
VIC Branch Sunshine West
QLD Branch Acacia Ridge
WA Branch Malaga

Our History

Australian Lifting Centre is a Wholesaler in the Lifting and Rigging Industries. Founded in 1997 the Company began trading out of a small Warehouse in Prospect NSW. ALC has now grown to be a major leader in the Lifting and Rigging Industries and now bosts a network of over 400 distributors Nationwide and employes over 25 staff. As a genuine wholesaler, ALC has a strong commitment to our network of distributors in developing healthy business relationships, providing quality products at competative prices, technical support and the higest level of Customer Service.

Australian Lifting Centre began in a small warehouse in Prestons NSW, a small suburb in Western Sydney.


Opened Perth Branch


Opened Brisbane Branch


Opened Melbourne Branch


Austlift - Began Installation and service of Material Handling Equipment


Introduction of the Maxibinder 2013


Began Installation and service of Material Handling Equipment in Sydney


Introduction of new height safety range


The AUSTLIFT Group consisting of Australian Lifting Centre, Austlift and Austlift (WA) now supports over 50 employees and is a well established, successful company which continues to strive for success in all avenues of the lifting Industry.


Our Corporate Values

Austlift holds integrity and respect very highly as core company values and we have strong policies on communication and standards. Not only are these important externally for our customers but internally for our employees. We hope to provide a safe and positive environment for the staff of Austlift which in turn creates positive interactions between staff not only with distributers and their customers but right through to everyone providing services to the business. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and we aim to be fair, honest and responsible while achieving this goal.

Product Innovation

Austlift is always seeking to improve through product development. Austlift prides itself on listening to its customers, assessing Australian conditions and requirements and market research to make sure our innovative designs are what the industry requires. Austlift has introduced such items as the Maxibinder and Auswich and over the years has made significant improvements on these products along the way. Austlift has also been developing Tailgates and Dock Levellers and in the last 8 years have made stronger, lighter and more accessible options for the material handling industry.